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“And the man jumped up, grabbed his mat, and walked out through the stunned onlookers. They were all amazed and praised God, exclaiming, “We’ve never seen anything like this before!”” Mark 2:12

This year and as we head into 2020, our hope is for our city to Jesus LIKE NEVER BEFORE. To see Jesus in the stories of people who have overcome, found identity, discovered calling, and find freedom in community. To see Jesus in the streets of our city as we bring heaven to earth in the lives that we live.

We believe we were born for more than just the status quo, and the world is in desperate need of people who will be front-footed their generosity and faith. By committing to give faithfully and freely, we step out to see lives changed for eternity and the church shining brightly as a light to the city!

Watch Pastor Brandon lay out and unpack the vision of the next couple years and also go listen to the Like Never Before vision series.


In January of 2018 we launched our new location at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens with a renewed vision to be a church for the streets + hearts of Fort Worth! We have already begun to see God's hand upon that decision and want to thank all of you who have made it a reality through your faithfulness and sacrifice. Although this is definitely not the full picture of what God has done in 2018, here are a few highlights...

Through your faithfulness, we have seen 149 people make a decision regarding their faith and eleven people were baptized into new life.

on average we had 52 people per week gather around the table at our dinner parties and 31 people have completed Next steps.

Fifteen people graduated school of leadership and 54 people attended leadership wknd with sam & jess picken.

we gave $19,500 to missions and non-profits outside our church, truly taking Jesus to every street and every heart. Along with that we were very involved in our city… Open Streets, serving multiple times at dagget middles school, movie in the park in fairmount, and so much more.

2020 Goal

As a part of the C3 Global vision of launching 1,000 churches by the year 2020 in major cities all over the world, we are stepping out in faith as C3 Fort Worth to not simply maintain what we have but to multiply it. So here is our goal and where we believe we’re heading…

Three neighborhood locations in and around FW by the end of 2020 until every street sees Jesus like never before.


There are five key initiatives that we believe will allow us to step into that future…

Multiply dinner parties

The table is central to our strategy of seeing Jesus on every street. That we would see Jesus through hospitality and serving people. To create the real, life-giving community that this city is looking for. This also gives us a clear way to know where we should be looking to launch future locations.

Expand C3 College

School of Leadership was a hugely successful in 2018, equipping and empowering new leaders in and through our church. Along with SOL, we are going to run new courses this year that will continue and expand disciple making and leadership development which will become extremely helpful as we establish new churches. Courses such as Faith, Moving in the Spirit, Letters of Paul, Alpha, and much more.

Missions and Local Engagement

Along with the commitment to support church planting and non-profit organizations by giving 10% of our annual budget outside our church, we will also more intentionally engage with what this city is doing. Rather than compete with what is happening we will be a presence and a champion of our city. Being the church, building the city. Events such as Open Streets, Cowtown Marathon, etc. As well as partnering with local churches on July 17th for national Serve Day. As we expand to new places, Fort Worth will have no doubt that we are here to serve and love these streets.

Creative Reach

The conversation about Jesus cannot only happen on Sunday. We don’t want to deemphasize Sunday, we want to reemphasize Monday. Every day of the week is a day for people to see Jesus. So through creative ways of communicating, conversing, and championing Jesus, we will engage our city in new, fresh, and creative mediums like social networking, video production, podcasts, and more.

24/7 Location

Our church should model for our people the vision… to see Jesus on every street and in every heart. Our desire would be a home that works with, interacts with, and does life with the city surrounding it. From local boutique shops, city events, non-profit needs, pop up shops, and our very own outreaches like Shear Love (a night of pampering and serving single moms), we want a location that allows the vision to live each and every day. We have begun actively looking for a place that we can call home and would become a strategy and pattern for launching new locations.

Commit To give, pray, and serve

Here are three ways you can take action and go all in on seeing Jesus like never before in our city and church…


The easiest way to stay faithful in regular giving is to set up automated, recurring giving online. You can also make a one-time sacrificial gift above and beyond your regular giving by designating 'vision builders' here:


Begin planning now to join us in 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting, January 2nd-23rd. We will be gathering every Wednesday during that time to pray together and it will culminate with a night of worship and prayer on the 23rd.


Start Next Steps to join a team and discover more about your calling. Next Steps happens every month on the first two Sundays. You can let us know you're coming by RSVP here: If you've done the first week, you can finish by attending the 2nd week this Sunday, Dec 9th.

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