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Throughout history, stories have been the most universal form of communication. They shape us, connect us, and inspire us. And at C3 we believe the stories of real people encountering the real Jesus are the most effective and purposeful way of loving, serving, and reaching the streets and hearts of our city. And so we wanted to give you a quick and easy way to share your story, because your story matters!

We’d love to hear about any life change, turning point, next step or remarkable experience that points to Jesus working in your life. If your story is a rough draft, just getting started, a few chapters in, or somewhere in the middle, it matters. It is purposeful. And it is worth telling.

Our hope is that as you lean into your story, you will begin to see Jesus more and more in it!

And we’re not asking you to write a book or essay. We’re asking you to start the conversation. You can write as little or much as you’d like and we’ll get in touch. After all, every good story has more than one character and we know our stories are meant to be lived together.

If you're not sure what you want to share, try answering one of the six questions below:

  • How did Jesus save you or give you a new life?

  • How did Jesus grow your faith the most?

  • How did Jesus help you through a struggle?

  • How did Jesus restore a relationship that was broken?

  • How did Jesus use you to make a difference?

  • How did Jesus provide when you had a need?

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Remember, this could be the whole story or a chapter in the story. We simply want to celebrate and tell more stories of Jesus in the lives of people. Be honest. Be real. Tell your story.
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