what is your next step?


christ. community. calling.

We believe living the full and overflowing life God has created you for centers around three key words — Christ, community, and calling. It’s our desire that you would experience all three in a new way at C3. During our Next Steps courses you will hear more about each one and how it will unite you with this family we call C3 Church. From answering questions about faith and God to learning our vision and culture, we hope to see you equipped with a foundation and empowered for a future in this community.

Next Steps happens in two parts on the first two Sundays of each month DURING our 9am service, immediately following service. You will be able to check your children into Brave Kids.

It happens every month in the same order, so if you miss one you can make it up the next go round. Please let us know below that you’re interested and we’ll be in touch.


1 / make it home

We know finding a church that feels like home can be difficult. We hope the first session of NS will make that easier. Find out about our vision for Fort Worth, our hope for you, and the values that makes us who we are!

2 / make a difference

We believe you are made to make a difference. In session two of Next Steps you'll discover your unique giftings and find a place to use them. This is a great way to continue to grow into all that God has called you to become.


3 / Let's Take The NExt Step

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